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FDA Gaskets

FDA gaskets refer to gaskets made from materials that meet the requirements of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which regulates the Food Processing and Pharmaceutical industries.  These materials are used in various piping, container, and processing equipment involving food, pharmaceutical, and related products.

Why buy FDA gaskets from us?

Expert Gasket & Seal is a gasket manufacturer that produces FDA gaskets, meeting the following FDA needs:

Chemical Compatibility: FDA gaskets fabricated from approved materials that are compatible with the food, pharmaceutical compound, or media being used.
Thermal Stability: FDA materials available for a wide range of temperature conditions, from sub zero to over 500 degrees F.
Material Choice: Multiple FDA gasket materials - Silicone, Viton, Teflon, Durlon products, and others.

Expert Gasket & Seal has the experience and knowledge to assist you in choosing the best solution for your FDA gasket or seal application.  For expert advice and top quality FDA gaskets and other FDA compliant products, call us today (800) 956-8766.

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