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Manufacturer of Custom Gaskets Expert Gasket & Seal Highlights the Factors to Consider When Selecting Sealing Products

Selecting seals is a critical activity for plant operators. They need to choose a sealing solution that will ensure optimal productivity within their applications. Each sealing product selected must be designed to fit seamlessly within their operations. But few managers have the time to complete the comprehensive research required to ensure the right choice. In this latest article, the team at custom gaskets manufacturer Expert Gasket & Seal highlight the important factors to consider when selecting sealing products.
The operating temperature of an application is an important factor to consider when selecting a gasket material. It’s critical that the gasket material chosen is designed to withstand both the operating temperature and the environmental temperatures encountered in the application. For example, Silicone-based gaskets withstand operating temperatures between -140F and 480F, and remain flexible within that range.

Chemical Resistance

Understanding chemical resistance is paramount for selecting the proper gasket material.  Rubber materials cover a wide range of media compatibility, but selecting the correct compound for an application must be done in conjunction with the operating temperature, system pressure or vacuum, and other related factors.  Some rubber compounds, such as Viton®, will resist strong acids while functioning in temperatures to 450F.

Pressure Levels

Pressure and vacuum levels within the application are also of vital importance when considering material options. The design of the hardware as related to pressure or vacuum should be evaluated when choosing a gasket material.  Sudden changes in system pressure or vacuum can affect a seal, and companies must ensure they work with their custom gaskets manufacturer to select a durable sealing material designed to withstand these constant changes.

Comprehensive Testing

The testing process is of the utmost importance when determining the best gasket product for a specific application. Wise companies should thoroughly test and evaluate gasket materials within the environmental conditions present in their facility. They must then document the results carefully to ensure that each product’s qualities are understood and considered. Testing within their facility will allow the company to ensure that the product performs optimally once it has been installed. This commitment to testing can also help reduce safety concerns and highlight any potential integration challenges that might not have been fully understood when reviewing the materials.

As a leading custom gaskets manufacturer, Expert Gasket & Seal has the experience and the in-house knowledge to help clients integrate the ideal sealing product for their applications. To discover more on the company and their services, contact their office team today at (800) 956-8766 or visit their business website at

Achieve Fast Turnaround on Custom Gasket Products from Expert Gasket & Seal

Macedonia, OH-based experts for sealing systems, Expert Gasket & Seal are now inviting clients from across the region to review their custom gasket services. The company can manufacture custom gaskets according to the client’s specifications within industry-leading turnaround times. This means that clients can reduce downtime and have leak-free sealing systems that provide long term process performance.

Within industries such as the petroleum field and power generation, companies require custom gasket products built to tight tolerances and for specific chemical compatibility parameters. Without this type of purpose-built custom gasket, their systems might suffer leaks, leading to costly repairs and long-term system downtime. To improve performance and reduce maintenance needs, industrial firms now depend upon custom gasket products from the specialists at Expert Gasket & Seal. The Expert Gasket & Seal team is now able to deliver small and large quantities of custom gaskets within an industry-leading turnaround schedule.

The benefit of utilizing the services offered by Expert Gasket & Seal is that the company utilizes state of the art gasket fabricating equipment. This means they can create short or long runs of expertly designed gaskets in a fast timeframe. Expert Gasket & Seal coordinates their work directly with their customers so they remain informed on project progress. Their detail to a project and excellent communication helps firms reduce costs and make the purchase of custom gaskets easy.

To learn more about the benefits of working with Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact their office team directly at (800) 956-8766 or visit their business website via

Where to start and stop looking for custom gaskets in Ohio

If you are looking for high quality custom gaskets, look no further than Expert Gasket & Seal. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, they are experts in the field and always provide excellent customer service. When contacted, you’ll be speaking directly to one of the owners – so you can rely on the fact all gasket related questions will be accurately answered in a straightforward manner by people with years of experience in this industry.

When you partner with Expert Gasket & Seal, finding the right custom gaskets at the most competitive prices has never been easier. We have a comprehensive selection of sheet products in stock, all of which are available to make custom gaskets in a variety of thicknesses. If we don’t have what you need, we will gladly obtain it for you. We are very flexible and accommodating when it comes to meeting yours and your customer’s needs. We can deliver small to large volumes in a short time frame and are very reliable and committed to meeting clients’ time requirements. Here, promises made are promises kept, and every gasket related problem is addressed by expert problem solvers.

Many of our custom gaskets are made from FDA/NSF approved materials, so it comes as no surprise that many of our products are being used in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage processing industries. We take no shortcuts and adhere to every quality and safety standard that concerns this type of production. So, no matter what your gasket requirements are, you can be sure you’ll always be getting the best by partnering  with Expert Gasket & Seal.

But don’t take our word for it: ask around and you’ll soon discover that a lot of companies and individuals will gladly confirm all the claims made here. The fact remains that, when it comes to custom gaskets, Expert Gasket & Seal is the proven source.  Contact us today for more information.

How to find the right die cut gasket specialists in Ohio

There are companies in Cleveland, Ohio, and across the USA who claim to specialize in producing die cut gaskets. Do they have the right equipment, manufacturing expertise, and the ability to produce quality products at a competitive price and deliver them in a timely manner? You know from experience that some of them are simply telling you what you want to hear and that their products and services will not meet your requirements. When you need a large volume or small quantity of die cut gaskets and both your budget and time frame are tight, so there is simply no reason to waste time.  What you need is a company that has the equipment, knowledge, and ability to produce high quality gaskets in large volumes and small volumes – and can deliver on time and within budget.

Here are a few tips then to ensure you end up with the right company:

  1. Start by finding companies who have many years of experience and expertise.  Make sure the company specializes in producing die cut gaskets and can provide them to meet your specifications. Research companies on the Internet and call around for recommendations.
  2. Ask for a written quote. Safeguard yourself against having to pay more than budgeted and be certain all of the specifications and delivery are meeting or exceeding your expectations.
  3. Don’t commit before having spoken to a decision maker. Has the company owner or decision maker affirmed your needs and time frame will be met?  Doing so will help provide assurance your order will be delivered as promised.

If this sounds like too much work, you can always just get in contact with Expert Gasket & Seal, die cut gasket specialists. Contact us today if you have any questions.

Why Durlon gaskets need to be made by the best and no one else

Finding a company that manufactures high quality Durlon gaskets in Cleveland, Ohio should be easy. A variety of Durlon gasket materials which are used in many industries and need to adhere to strict specifications and standards.  These industries include food  and pharmaceutical, power generation, water purification, chemical processing, and petroleum production and refining. An improperly chosen gasket in any of these facilities could lead to serious physical injury and cost a company time and money due to loss of product, personnel, and unnecessary delays.

Therefore, the Durlon gaskets manufactured for these types of industries need to be provided by trusted specialists in the field.

One of the most trusted companies in Cleveland, Ohio, that has been specializing in this type of gasket production for many years is Expert Gasket & Seal. As many people will tell you, they are the go-to guys for these products because they have the expertise as well as the proper equipment to produce these gaskets to proper specifications, even in large quantities. When you contract Expert Gasket & Seal to produce your Durlon gaskets for you, you can rest assured they will be delivered in the promised time and your operation won’t grind to halt because your order arrived late. When it comes to this company, a promise made is a promise kept. You can also be certain that you’ll be getting high quality and properly specified gaskets at the most competitive prices.

So don’t settle for anything but the best; you know you can’t afford to. For expertly made Durlon gaskets in Cleveland, Ohio there is only one company to contact – and that company is Expert Gasket & Seal.

Get peace of mind with quality FDA approved gaskets

FDA gaskets are made from materials that are approved by the FDA and manufactured to those standards. This means the ingredients used to form the materials are FDA compliant and the resultant gasket is acceptable for many food and pharmaceutical contact applications.

FDA gaskets are:

  • Available in a wide temperature range – to function in temperatures from -50° to +500°F found in a variety of applications in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Chemically compatible – many FDA compliant materials are available to properly seal a variety of food and pharmaceutical applications. These include Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, PTFE, Durlon 9000, Durlon 9600, Durlon 9200W and others.

Where to find FDA gaskets

FDA gaskets and seals are available from Expert Gasket & Seal, a reputable supplier in Cleveland, Ohio. With our over 50 years of experience in the gasket and seal manufacturing industry, we supply an assortment of quality FDA compliant products to a broad range of businesses in the pharmaceutical and food industries and have a reputation for exceptional customer service. Every FDA gasket and seal we fabricate or distribute, and everything else we provide, will meet or exceed the necessary specifications.

Contact us today to find out more about our FDA gaskets.

It’s best to partner with experienced providers when looking for gasket and sheet products

When you’re looking for a supplier of gasket and sheet products, it’s best to partner with a company that has been in the business for a considerable length of time.

Faulty or incorrectly specified parts can compromise your entire operation – leaving you with costly repairs, replacements, and downtime.  Whatever your business, whether food, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, etc, you need a trusted provider to supply the proper gasket or sheet material.

What you should look for in a gasket and sheet product provider:

  • Experience: Partner with someone who has many years of sealing experience and expertise.  Doing so means positive results delivered on time and on budget.
  • Local and nationwide:  Your gasket and sheet provider should be able to accommodate your delivery needs, whether located in the same city or across the USA.
  • Reputation:  Partner with a company that has an excellent reputation for providing the right gasket and sheet products on time. Ask them about their experience, what types of industries they accommodate, and how their expertise benefits you.
  • Material Selection: Partner with a company the provides a broad selection of quality gasket and sheet products such as Viton®, Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicone, and other rubber materials to Durlon compressed and PTFE based products.

Expert Gasket & Seal is a company with over 50 years in the industry. We consistently meet  or exceed the needs of our customers. Contact us today and speak to one of our owners about our gasket and sheet products.

Some helpful advice on FDA gasket and sheet products

As specialists in FDA gasket and sheet products, we’ve been supplying the food, beverage, equipment and pharmaceutical industry with affordable custom solutions. Our customers often come to us with questions about our products, so we compiled a list of helpful information for anyone looking for a reputable supplier:

  1. Do you supply FDA approved gaskets and sheet products?
    Yes!  It’s important we offer products that comply with FDA and NSF standards and are of the highest quality to provide lasting solutions for your sealing problem.
  • Can you customize a solution for my business?
    Yes! Our specialists will work with you to devise a solution that meets or exceeds the needs of your application as well as your budget. We will give you comprehensive advice on which products and materials will properly work for your needs.
  • Can you supply your products at short notice?
    Yes!  Many stock materials can be turned into custom gaskets in a week or less.  Some specialized materials may take longer, but we will always try to find a proper solution in as short a lead time as possible.
  • What is your product range?
    Aside from our own manufacturing, we are authorized distributors for a wide range of other quality brands, including Advance Sealing International, Durlon Products, Diversified Silicone, American Biltrite and more.
  • Do you offer any additional services?
    Yes! We offer in-house die-cutting, in-house fabrication of prototypes, large and small volume gasket quantities, and a large inventory of standard pipe gaskets and related sealing products. We also offer technical assistance, stocking programs, storeroom, and plant surveys.
  • Contact Expert Gasket & Seal and find out more about our gaskets and sheet products  today!

    Need a gasket specialist? Call Expert Gasket & Seal today!

    Expert Gasket & Seal, located in the Cleveland, Ohio area, is a gasket specialist and leading fabricator of custom and standard gaskets. A gasket is a shaped piece or ring of rubber or other material that fills the space between two or more surfaces in order to prevent fluids, oils and gasses from leaking or escaping. They are used in a wide range of machinery, vehicles, boats and much more. No matter what type of gasket you’re searching for, whether it’s a specialized gasket that has proven difficult to find or a fairly common gasket, we can help you find what you need.

    We call ourselves gasket specialists because we have fifty years of experience in the industry and supply a diverse range of top-quality products at competitive prices. You may think that highly specialized gaskets will put you over budget, but you’ll find many of our custom solutions highly affordable.

    We also offering the following services:

    • In-house die cutting for small and high-volume non-metallic gaskets
    • Storeroom and plant surveys
    • Technical assistance for all gasket and sealing applications
    • In-house fabrication for prototypes, large sizes, and small quantity gaskets

    Whether they are for pipe flanges, valve flanges, or a piece of heavy-duty equipment, gaskets are essential to having a leak-free environment.  We provide Durion gaskets, FDA gaskets and a variety of other gasket brands – and our team of gasket specialists provide technical assistance when you need it.

    For more information about gaskets in general, a specific type of gasket or issues related to technical assistance, please feel free to contact us today. Discover why Expert Gasket & Seal is truly a gasket specialist. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Expert Gasket & Seal is the go-to company for custom gaskets

    If you’re looking for custom gaskets and sheet products, then call Expert Gasket & Seal today or, if you’re in the Cleveland, Ohio area, come pay us a visit. We’re proud to supply a comprehensive range of gaskets and sheet products that are available in a variety of thicknesses and we can provide fabricated gaskets or uncut sheet as needed. Buying custom gaskets doesn’t mean you have to go over budget and our gasket experts will help you find the correct gasket sheet or custom gaskets at competitive prices.

    Our range of gasket and sheet products includes:

    • Durlon compressed gaskets
    • Durlon PTFE materials
    • Durlon CFG metallic gaskets
    • Foam, sponge, Poron®
    • Solid and sponge Silicone products
    • Viton®, Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile and other organic rubber

    We fabricate gaskets from FDA/NSF compliant materials and our FDA gaskets are used in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing and food equipment manufacturing. No matter how specialized the gasket you need may be, we will do our best to supply them for you. In addition to supplying custom gaskets, we also provide a number of services such as technical assistance for all gaskets and sealing applications, storeroom and plant surveys, and stocking programs for blanket orders.

    Our service doesn’t stop once you’ve got your gaskets. The gasket pros at Expert Gasket & Seal are always standing by and ready to answer any questions you have or help you with any problems you encounter. If you’re unsure about the exact type of gaskets you need, we recommend giving us a call before you make a purchase in order to avoid wasting both your time and money.

    For more information about custom gaskets from Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!