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Durable, chemical resistant Durlon gaskets – made to order

As an authorized Durlon gasket fabricator and distributor with over fifty years combined  sealing experience, we’re proud to provide our clients with high-quality products on demand. Because we fabricate on-site, we provide Durlon gaskets in small and large quantities in short lead times.

Used in industries like power generation, water processing/purification, chemical processing, petroleum and refining, it’s vital that your Durlon gaskets are manufactured to the highest standards. Poorly manufactured products can be responsible for failures that result in costly downtime for your facility.

Our offering of Durlon gaskets includes:

Expert Gasket offers a full range of our Durlon gaskets. Some of our most popular products include:

  • Durlon 7900: This economical gasket material is ideal for moderate service in piping and related equipment.
  • Durlon 8400: A high-performance gasket of exceptional durability, this product is primarily used in high temperature environments.
  • Durlon 8700: This gasket material is combined with high-grade neoprene rubber, making it resistant to ozone, oils and non-aromatic solvents.
  • Durlon 9000 and 9000N: Produced from inorganic gasket materials, this product is ideal for clients whose industries demand a high resistance to aggressive chemicals.
  • Durlon 9400: A very flexible high-performance gasket with exceptional sealing ability, this gasket also has good electrical conducting properties.

When you want your facility to run reliably at its optimal output, it’s vital to ensure that you’re using high-quality Durlon gaskets from manufacturers that share your standards. Contact us at Expert Gasket & Seal, and we’ll deliver – every time!

Prevent health risks at your industrial facility with high quality gasket and sheet products

With additional stringent standards being placed on the chemical, oil and gas industries, it’s no surprise that high quality gasket and sheet products are increasingly in demand. Not only do these products help prevent leaks and spills that reduce output and increase downtime, but they also help make facilities safer for the people working in them.

High quality gaskets customized to your industry are pivotal to ensuring that your end product has remained uncontaminated throughout the manufacturing and refining process, giving your business a superior saleable product. Your employees, and the people who live in the vicinity of your facility, will also be reassured that they are safe from potential health hazards, as gaskets and sheet products from reputable manufacturers will significantly reduce the risk of accidental leakages that pose a safety risk or health hazard.

Thanks to the latest advances in technology, gasket manufacturers are able to fabricate gasket and sheet products that are ideally suited to your needs, making them more effective and more durable than ever before. Products for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry are created under FDA approved guidelines for safe and effective production.  Chemical, pulp and paper, and petroleum refining manufacturers have access to products that perform exceptionally in extreme temperatures, under higher pressures and provide safe sealing for a variety of fluids and gases.

These advances all contribute to doing business in a better, more profitable way – by reducing waste, producing higher quality finished products and operating in a manner that reduces workplace health risks and is environmentally safe. For large and small orders of custom produced gasket and sheet products for every industry, contact us at Expert Gasket & Seal today.