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Custom Rubber Gaskets

custom rubber gaskets

Rapid Prototyping Your Custom Rubber Gaskets Helps Your Project Succeed

The world moves fast these days, possibly too fast. The demand for new ideas, new inventions, and new products is at an all time high, driving time-to-market down and pushing for solutions which can happen as quickly as possible.

In such an environment, it's absolutely vital to have solid prototyping before moving to full-scale manufacturing. The news is filled with far too many reports lately of faulty products, nearly all of which being due to poor prototyping and QC prior to release.

Expert Gasket & Seal can help you engineer, design, and prototype custom rubber gaskets and other physical sealants. Our superior in-house equipment and half-century of expertise give us the edge in providing solutions that work, on time and within your budget.

Rapid Prototyping of Custom Gaskets with Our Flashcut System

One of the centerpieces of our operation is our state-of-the-art computer-controlled Flashcut machinery. Thanks to this, we can design parts without the need to create dies beforehand, or any other custom tooling. Working directly from a computer file, the system can cut new custom rubber gaskets and other parts straight out of the material of your choice.

Our system offers several other advantages over other prototyping options as well, including:

  • Acceptance of a wide variety of material widths, from the very thin to the very thick.

  • Straight, symmetrical edges on the parts produced, without the "hour glassing" common with die-cutting.

  • Extremely tight tolerances. We can achieve RMA Class 1 tolerances, or better, even on soft materials such as sponge.  

  • Working straight from commonplace .DXF CAD files. You can supply your own, or we can engineer a solution for you.

  • Rapid refinements to designs, with new parts being crafted almost as quickly as the CAD file can be redesigned.

We can also bring you a lot of options in terms of material to work with. Beyond traditional custom rubber gaskets, we can work with compressed gasket materials, a variety of Teflon based materials, microcellular polyurethane, and more. Military spec materials are also available.

Take Advantage of the Expertise at Expert Gasket & Seal

We have been creating custom gaskets for Ohio and parts beyond for over fifty years, giving us the edge in service and experience. Our expert problem-solvers are standing by and waiting to help overcome the sealing challenges facing your next project, and bring it to market as quickly as possible.

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