What Are Gaskets & Seals?

Gaskets and seals are in use just about everywhere and in just about everything—your car’s engine, your home’s plumbing, the equipment in your office, large manufacturing plants, even in your child’s playground equipment. While gaskets and seals each have the same function — to prevent leakage — they have two very different applications. Our experts can help you understand what your project needs and find the perfect solution.

  • gaskets


    A gasket is a flat piece of material that is placed between two static joined surfaces to seal the gap between them in order to prevent liquid or air from escaping or entering.  Gaskets are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials and can be customized for your specific project.

  • seals


    Seals consist of a broader array of products, including O-rings, valve stem seals, rotary seals and mechanical seals. Both gaskets and seals form a barrier between two objects to keep them from leaking, but while gaskets allow two static, non-moving parts to be locked together, the seal joins two moving parts (whether one part moves or both).

Expert Gasket & Seal has the right products and services for your needs, including custom gaskets, standard ANSI pipe gaskets, mechanical seals, molded rubber products and other related products.

  • Mechanical Seals

    Mechanical Seals

    Expert Gasket & Seal has a comprehensive selection of mechanical seal types, sizes and materials. From Apex component seals to stationary cartridge seals, we’re sure to have the right product, at the right price, at the right time!

  • Gasket Products

    Gasket & Gasket Sheet Products

    Expert Gasket & Seal offers custom Durlon® gasket solutions designed for industry specific requirements. Our products include FDA approved gaskets used in food processing and pharmaceutical industries, and many other gasket and gasket sheet products.

  • Custom Molded Rubber Parts

    Custom Molded Rubber Parts

    Expert Gasket & Seal is your source for custom molded rubber parts. Derived from your drawing or sample, we provide you with a custom solution made from the material of your choice.

  • Related Sealing Products

    Related Sealing Products

    Whether you are looking for rubber, Teflon™, stainless steel expansion joints, PTFE joint sealant and tape or another related sealing product, Expert Gasket & Seal has your solution.