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Expert Gasket & Seal Utilizes State-Of-The-Art Technology to Solve Your Toughest Sealing Problems

Our Flashcut machinery’s computer-controlled, high-speed knife cutting system produces precise, close tolerance parts on non-metallic materials. This allows us to design and quickly prototype custom gaskets made from rubber, cork, PTFE, compressed non-asbestos and many other materials. Using a .dxf, original .pdf, or only a physical sample, we will manufacture perfect parts for you without a tooling charge.

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Our Flashcut system’s fully computer-operated cutting system features a modular, independently moving head which can be outfitted with a wide variety of cutting tools. It utilizes standard CAD files and cuts perfectly, every time. Tolerances meet or beat RMA Class 1, which means less than a millimeters variation in sizes depending on the chosen material.

Flashcut Fabrication Versus Traditional Die-Cutting

Our Flashcut machine has several distinct advantages over traditional die-cutting including how simple it is to reconfigure the settings. There’s no need to tool new dies for each new design, so we can get you a finished product faster. The Flashcut machine also delivers straight cuts, eliminating the “hour glassing” common to die-cutting.

Other Advantages of Expert Gasket & Seal’s Technology:

  • You can submit your own .dxf CAD file, original .pdf drawing, or have our experts custom design a solution for you. Our capabilities include duplicating a gasket or shape from a product sample.
  • Rapid prototyping becomes simple. A CAD file update enables the evaluation of several configurations and materials.
  • No tooling charges required to fabricate parts.
  • Less material deflection for rubber and soft materials, providing tighter tolerances not achievable through die-cutting.
  • You can try out different materials. Flashcut accepts many types of rubber as well as softer or spongier materials—up to .500” in thickness.
  • Our scanner allows us to create .dxf files from sample parts when a drawing is not available.
  • New parts can be loaded on the Flashcut in minutes, resulting in less setup time than what is required with tooling.
  • Flashcut is fully capable of producing very large, one-piece gaskets which cannot be done using traditional die-cutting.
  • It is the most cost-efficient technology for small run jobs, because there’s minimal setup and no tooling required.
  • Flashcut computer part nesting is much more effective than manual die-cutting, increasing material yield and reducing part cost.

Our cutting-edge (no pun intended) Flashcut system allows us to rapidly create the correct parts for your urgent need.

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