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Spliced / vulcanized joint O-rings are often used in static seal applications, most commonly as face seals.  Spliced / vulcanized Read more
Microcellular Polyurethane foam is an excellent gasket material for low squeeze applications where conformability is necessary.  A typical application is Read more
When choosing the gasket thickness for compressed materials,  remember that thinner is better.  Most compressed sheet gasketing sealing values are Read more
Many rubber materials claim to be Viton®, but are generic fluoroelastomers, or blends of other compounds with some Viton®. Blends Read more
Durlon 9000 will seal better than Virgin Teflon® (PTFE) in typical flange gasket service.  This is due to its construction, Read more
Spiral wound metallic gaskets used on standard ANSI pipe flanges are color coded on the OD edge to identify their Read more
Rubber hardness is expressed on the Shore A scale, and is measured with a durometer. The number may be specified Read more
FDA rubber gaskets are fabricated from rubber sheet that is made from FDA approved ingredients in compliance with Title 21CFR177.2600. Read more
Handhole and Manhole gaskets for boilers are typically found in two shapes. Elliptical gaskets are an oval shape with a Read more
Expert Gasket & Seal provides rubber gaskets for many types of service and applications. Here is a brief explanation of Read more
The most common sponge gasket is a closed-cell rubber blend material. This material is reasonably resilient, has moderately good recovery, Read more
There are several types of compressed gasket materials from which we fabricate gaskets, or provide the sheet for those wanting Read more

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Gaskets are critically important to the operation of complex machinery and manufacturing processes. A single gasket failure may require hours Read more
In the world of industrial manufacturing, precision and efficiency are paramount. This is especially true for gaskets and seals, which Read more
Boilers play a crucial role in many industries, providing the necessary heat and steam for various processes. Within these high-pressure Read more
There are a variety of materials that can be used to make gaskets. When preventing leaks is the objective, it’s Read more
Handling raw materials is an integral part of the manufacturing industry, and poor handling can lead to safety and productivity Read more
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates products that come into contact with food during processing, packaging and manufacturing. This Read more
With so many types of gaskets available for almost every type of machinery, you may wonder why any company would Read more
A solvent leak can become very costly, very quickly — not to mention dangerous, as it involves hazardous waste. Any Read more
The demands of a business may change daily but working quickly to meet customer needs is always essential. Continually improving Read more
An O-ring can fail for different reasons. Maybe it’s made from the wrong material for the application, or it is Read more
When you’re working with extreme high temperatures, flames, steam, hot oils, exhaust or combustible fluids, you need a seal you Read more
At Expert Gasket & Seal, we don’t just provide sealing products, we provide sealing solutions. Our customer’s success is our Read more