Gasket and Seal Prototyping from Northeast Ohio

Need a totally custom gasket made from a sample but don’t know where to turn? Expert Gasket & Seal is here to help! Our experience and service equips you with gaskets and seals made to your exact specifications.  We serve customers worldwide from our Macedonia, OH location.

Custom Prototyping That Does Not Require CAD Files

Send us your sample and let us scan it! We’ll create a CAD file from the scanned part and our Flashcut machine will cut your perfect gasket. No tooling or drawing needed.

Gaskets Made from CAD Files

We use a .dxf CAD file or an original .pdf drawing to turn your concept into a completed part for prototyping or production.

Whether you already have a gasket design in-hand, or you need a custom solution engineered from scratch, contact an expert today at 800.956.8766 to see how we can help you solve your gasket and seal needs.