Custom Designed Gaskets

Gaskets Fabricated to Fit Unique Sizes, Materials and Needs

Quite frequently, gaskets need to be designed to fit very specific and unique requirements. Unfortunately, mass-produced gaskets rarely fit these needs. As a result, custom designed and fabricated gaskets are needed. Thankfully, Expert Gasket & Seal has a wide range of high-tech equipment that enables us to create unique gaskets out of a huge range of materials for many different needs.

Expert gasket provides a variety of customized gasket production services. This includes:

  • Die-cut Gaskets
  • Flashcut Gaskets
  • Gasket Prototyping and Testing
  • Short Run and Long Run Production of Custom Gaskets
  • Production of Custom Molded Rubber Parts

With decades of experience, we’re adept at providing quick and effective solutions without any drop in product quality.

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Custom Die-Cut Gaskets

If you can dream it in rubber, compressed non-asbestos, PTFE, or other non-metallic gasket materials, we can probably make it happen. The combination of our machinery and expertise allows us to realize virtually any gasket you might need, whether they’re standard or custom gaskets. As with our other in-house services, owning our own equipment allows us to work faster and more cost effectively than other operations.

Custom Flashcut, Die-less Gaskets

Expert Gasket & Seal’s die-less Flashcut gasket fabrication utilizes a computer controlled high speed knife cutting system that produces precise, close tolerance parts on non-metallic materials without the need for tooling.  This system is particularly good for prototype gaskets, short runs, narrow widths and thicker materials.

Best of all, the turnaround time on production of custom gaskets with our Flashcut technology is extremely fast.

Custom Gasket Prototyping

Before mass-producing gaskets based on a custom design, it’s common to produce a prototype product to ensure proper fit. Expert Gasket can not only help create prototype gaskets, but we also provide expert insights and problem-solving based off our decades of experience in producing gaskets for a wide range of industries and needs. This helps to shorten turnaround time and helps provide the right custom product for your unique needs.

Another perk of our technology is that we can produce prototypes and designs based off existing parts. This is highly beneficial if a .dxf file for a product cannot be found.

Gaskets Made from Samples

No tooling? No drawing? No Problem! Expert Gasket & Seal will produce gaskets and other rubber parts directly from your sample. Our Optical Scanner turns your sample into a CAD file, then our Flashcut machine perfectly cuts your parts from non-asbestos, rubber, PTFE, sponge or other non-metallic materials.

Benefits of Using Expert Gasket & Seal Over Other Prototyping Options

  • .002” to 1” thickness depending on material and part geometry
  • No “hour glassing” common with die-cutting
  • Tight RMA Class 1 tolerances
  • Easy to design. All we need is a common .dxf or original .pdf file. Supply your file or allow us to help you create the best design for your application
  • Gaskets made from samples. No CAD file? No problem. We can create a CAD file from a clean sample part using our Optical Scanner
  • No tooling cost required

Take Advantage of the Expertise at Expert Gasket & Seal

Tap into our 50 years of sealing experience to assist with your project. Our experts are ready to help you solve your sealing design challenges so you can easily and quickly bring your products to market.

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