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Die-Less Flashcut Gasket Fabrication

Expert Gasket & Seal’s die-less Flashcut gasket fabrication utilizes a computer controlled high speed knife cutting system that produces precise, close tolerance parts on non-metallic materials without the need for tooling.  This system is particularly good for prototype gaskets, short runs, narrow widths, and thicker materials

The Flashcut system produces a part from a common .dxf CAD file.  You may supply your .dxf file, or we can create one for you. Dimensional changes to a part can simply be made by revising the .dxf file or creating a new one.  No tooling is required.

The Flashcut will fabricate parts without the “hourglass” distortion to the sides that is typical of die-cut parts. This benefit is most visible on thicker, and also very soft materials.

The Flashcut produces parts to tighter tolerances than can be achieved with die-cutting.  RMA class 1 or tighter tolerances are a reality on sponge and other soft materials where such precision is required.

Please contact a gasket specialist at Expert Gasket & Seal to discuss how this state-of-the-art equipment can be utilized to provide a solution for your gasket needs.




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