Achieve Short-Turnaround Times for Custom Gaskets from Expert Gasket & Seal

Macedonia, OH-based Expert Gasket & Seal is now working with industrial firms across the U.S. to provide fast, cost-effective access to custom gaskets for their most challenging sealing applications. The company’s market-leading automatic die-cutting equipment and 50 years’ combined team experience means custom gaskets can be designed and fabricated in less time, even with high-volume orders.

One of the leading challenges for many growing firms is locating a supplier that will offer cost-effective pricing on small volume custom gasket orders. Crafting sealing products to customer requirements demands experience that few companies offer. Custom gasket fabrication knowledge is required to meet both exacting specifications and shortened production timetables. That’s why many firms are now working with the trusted team at Expert Gasket & Seal to help them compete in the changing global marketplace.

Expert Gasket & Seal offers a comprehensive inventory of materials for custom gaskets, manufactured to the customer’s drawing and specification. Their team also uses their experience to analyze sealing challenges such as high and low temperatures, less than optimum hardware, difficult media, and FDA and NSF specifications. Expert Gasket & Seal responds with custom precision gaskets that solve difficult sealing problems. The team uses their experience, as well as a variety of fabrication equipment to cost-effectively create short and long runs within an industry-leading turnaround time. It’s a service that is protecting companies against process downtime and ensuring the highest standards within the industrial field.

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