Boiler Handhole & Manhole gaskets

Handhole and Manhole gaskets for boilers are typically found in two shapes. Elliptical gaskets are an oval shape with a continuous curve and no straight sides. Obround gaskets have radius ends with parallel straight sides. Boiler gaskets are available in a number of materials. The most common rubber gasket is EPDM, suitable for hot water and steam up to 380º F. Expert Gasket & Seal provides EPDM Handhole and Manhole gaskets die-cut and molded in a variety of sizes.

Boiler Handhole and Manhole gaskets are also available in wire-inserted and plain woven fiberglass coated with a white SBR rubber for service up to 500º F. Also available are Spiral wound metallic gaskets that are used for higher temperature and pressure applications. These are provided in a wide range of metal and filler combinations; the most common are 304 stainless with a mica-graphite filler and 316 stainless with a Grafoil® filler.

Handhole and Manhole gaskets are specified by their inside length x width x flange width x thickness. Please contact Expert Gasket & Seal for assistance in choosing the correct Handhole and Manhole gasket for your boiler application.