Choosing the Best Custom Rubber Gaskets for Your Food & Beverage Business

Whether you work in the hospitality industry or run a high-volume food manufacturing firm, creating bulk food items requires specialized equipment. That’s why many in the food and beverage industry rely on custom rubber gaskets designed to be safe and hygienic. There are a wide variety of food-grade gaskets on the market, which is why Expert Gasket & Seal has collected some facts to help you select the right one for your business.

Here are some tips for choosing the best custom rubber gaskets.


Considering the design of your gaskets is important because you want to select one that will match your food processing system and function properly. There are many standard gasket designs available but for some of today’s newer, more innovative food processing machines, designing a custom rubber gasket may be necessary to ensure a perfect fit.


Since the gasket materials used in food contact applications need to be FDA compliant, they’re constructed with recognized and approved ingredients. The right materials will be non-toxic while also durable enough to keep up with your processing needs. Some of the most popular materials include FDA approved Nitrile rubber and several varieties of PTFE & Durlon filled PTFE gasket materials. Silicone rubber is another valuable material, especially for applications that requiring wide temperature ranges (-75 to + 450°F).


When it comes to custom rubber gaskets for the food and beverage industry, it’s important to choose a manufacturing firm with a long history of making quality products. This will ensure that they live up to your expectations and also have the expertise to design and manufacture custom gaskets specifically for your food processing systems and applications.


Remaining in compliance with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards is essential. This is because not keeping your gaskets up to date with FDA standards could result in health hazards and contaminated food products. Such issues can easily put an end to your business or draw daily operations to a screeching halt. This means you should only invest in food-grade gaskets that have been thoroughly tested and certified. There are strict regulatory guidelines that custom rubber gasket manufacturers are required to follow, so be sure that the ones you select for your production system have passed all of the existing quality control measures necessary.

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