Custom Durlon® Gaskets From Expert Gasket & Seal

Expert Gasket & Seal is an authorized Durlon® distributor and fabricator.  We provide standard and custom gaskets made from a variety of advanced Durlon® materials that effectively seal pipe flanges, covers, tank lids and many other industrial or commercial applications. Our Durlon® gaskets perform flawlessly in diverse service conditions for:

  • Power Generation
  • Paper Processing
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Chemical Processing
  • Petroleum and Refining
  • Food Production and Food Equipment Manufacturing
  • And more

If you’re interested in to start working with Expert Gasket & Seal, contact us today to learn more, request a quote, or simply call us at 800.956.8766.

Durlon Gaskets Fabricated to Fit Unique Sizes and Needs

Quite frequently, gaskets need to be designed to fit very specific and unique requirements. Unfortunately, mass-produced gaskets rarely fit these needs. As a result, custom designed and fabricated gaskets are often needed. Thankfully, Expert Gasket & Seal has a wide range of high-tech equipment that enables us to create unique durlon gaskets to suit the individual needs of each application. Expert gasket provides a variety of customized gasket production services. This includes:

  • Die-cut Gaskets
  • Flashcut Gaskets
  • Gasket Prototyping and Testing
  • Short Run and Long Run Production of Custom Gaskets

With decades of experience, we’re adept at providing quick turnaround time and effective solutions with product precision and quality.

For more information about our custom durlon gaskets, contact an expert at 800.956.8766