Expert Gasket & Seal Defining Excellence In Sealing Performance with Range of Custom Gaskets

The quality of the sealing products for industrial processing plants is essential to optimal performance. Without the optimal sealing system for their manufacturing applications, companies may experience shutdowns or disruptions due to leakage and other issues resulting from an improper seal. To select the ideal companies for the design of their custom gaskets, companies must choose those who have both the experience and the proven ability in creating quality products at cost-effective pricing. It’s this combination that is at the core of Expert Gasket & Seal’s services.

Expert Gasket & Seal is a Cleveland, OH-based custom gasket specialist with a combined 50 years’  of sealing experience in the marketplace. Because Expert Gasket & Seal is a small owner-operated small business, customers are immediately put into contact with a sealing specialist when they call.  Your sealing problem will be quickly addressed and the process of providing a solution will be underway.

One of the leading reasons so many companies now select the services of the team at Expert Gasket & Seal is that they’re committed to working within the client’s timeframe. Their specialists understand that often custom gaskets are required to meet stringent application demands.  Expert Gasket & Seal knows that short time frames often needed, and are equipped to meet those deadlines.

The company’s automatic die-cutting equipment empowers their team to create high volumes of product within a consolidated timeframe. The team at Expert Gasket & Seal also works with clients at the inception of gasket manufacturing projects to assess their needs and determine the type of solution required for improved performance. They will address the entire application, and conduct a plant survey if necessary, to provide the customer with a complete sealing solution. They also use and design stocking programs allowing them to fulfill JIT needs. It’s how the team at Expert Gasket & Seal has retained such high client service ratings over their years in the industry.

Expert Gasket & Seal is known as a knowledgeable source for FDA gaskets used in pharmaceutical, food processing and food equipment industries. The company can fabricate custom, FDA-approved gaskets using a variety of materials. The company stocks FDA Nitrile,FDA Silicone, and Durlon FDA PTFE in several grades and thicknesses. Due to their experience in this area, Expert Gasket & Seal can provide these and other FDA materials designed for various sealing environments.   Companies looking for rigid performance with superior pricing flexibility can now turn to Expert Gasket & Seal for a range of exceptional options.

Exceptional results require comprehensive experience. To speak with a specialist about your company’s sealing demands today, contact the experts at Expert Gasket & Seal directly.