Expert Gasket & Seal Helping Enhance Industrial Systems Productivity with Custom Gaskets

To meet growing productivity targets and reduce production downtime, the leading industrial firms require high quality sealing products for long term dependence. Made-to-order gaskets can help streamline production processes and improve product durability within challenging industrial environments. It’s the leading reason that many growing companies are now turning to Expert Gasket & Seal for high quality custom gaskets built to precise specifications.

Expert Gasket & Seal is a Macedonia, OH-based specialist supplying proper solutions for production sealing problems. With over three decades’ experience serving the industrial market place, the company has become synonymous with products offering durability and a seamless fit within challenging sealing conditions. The master problem solvers at Expert Gasket & Seal will provide the optimal custom gaskets designed to perform properly in the most difficult applications. They understand restrictions and regulations at modern organizations and are known for delivering innovative solutions for all sealing systems.

Using their design knowledge of custom gaskets, Expert Gasket has access to a comprehensive selection of gasket materials for demanding applications. For example, the company can utilize Viton® within their gasket design and fabrication work. Viton® rubber is known for its exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemicals and its operational performance within a temperature range of -20F to +400F. Viton® is also considered ideal within high vacuum applications. In addition to Viton®, the Expert Gasket & Seal team works with rubber materials such as Nitrile, Neoprene®, EPDM, Silicone and SBR. Their selection sets the standard within the marketplace and ensures that the company can respond promptly to even the most complex of sealing design requirements.

The in-house equipment available to Expert Gasket & Seal’s technicians means they’re also able to respond to precise requirements for small and large volume non-metallic gaskets. The company utilizes one of the industry’s leading automatic die cutting machinery to create large product volumes quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards. This access to machinery allied with the team’s exceptional skill in design and fabrication has helped the company develop one of the fastest order turnaround times within the marketplace. Clients can also entrust their analysis work to Expert Gasket & Seal, as the company offers comprehensive plant surveys, which are designed to pinpoint future sealing requirements and ensure the most cost effective, optimal solution be provided.

To discover the full range of services now available through the Expert Gasket & Seal team, contact their company offices directly today. Qualified technicians are standing-by to answer all technical questions.