Expert Gasket & Seal Offering Custom Durlon Products for a Range of Applications

Macedonia, OH-based leaders of effective sealing solutions, Expert Gasket & Seal is now inviting clients to review their custom Durlon fluid sealing products. The company has the capacity to manufacture Durlon gasket products to respond to a variety of service conditions. Their solutions are designed for use in applications such as power generation, petroleum refining, chemical processing, and water purification. Each available product offers exceptional sealability, chemical resistance, and durability.

Within the industrial marketplace, companies want sealing solutions that will give their processes effective, long-term performance. Any problem that leads to system leakage can slow or shut down lines and costs companies thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity. Wise organizations entrust their sealing system providers to those with the requisite marketplace experience. It’s the reason many firms are now choosing custom Durlon sealing systems from Expert Gasket & Seal.

Expert Gasket & Seal offers the full range of Durlon gasket materials. Included within the company selection is Durlon 9000 and Durlon 9600, both enhanced proprietary PTFE products designed for exceptional sealing performance and over a wide range of chemical and FDA applications. Companies might also consider Durlon 8700, which assures exceptional resistance to ozone, oils and non-aromatic solvents utilized within industrial plants. These materials are but a few of the available gasket and seal products offered by Expert Gasket & Seal.

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