Expert Gasket & Seal Offering Full Array of Custom Sealing Options

Choosing a gasket product for industrial sealing requirements is challenging when evaluating the many factors involved in the process. Elements such as system pressure, temperature range, and media must be considered when selecting sealing products to ensure effective performance. Smart companies turn to knowledgeable manufacturers of custom gasket products that will help design quality products, craft prototypes, and follow through after the sale, to ensure a seamless integration within their facility. The leaders at Expert Gasket & Seal have many years’ experience in this marketplace and offer a complete suite of sealing solutions.

Macedonia-OH-based Expert Gasket & Seal has become a renowned leader within the sealing industry because of their comprehensive understanding and experience. The company’s trusted design and fabrication specialists will craft creative solutions to a complete array of sealing challenges using materials such as Durlon 9000, Durlon 8500, Silicone, and Viton. The company’s responsive team is also known for their ability to quickly and cost-effectively produce small and high volumes of non-metallic gaskets for a range of industrial applications. This fast, effective service helps organizations mitigate periods of operational downtime and ensure productivity remains high.

The company offers one of the market’s full line of Durlon gasket materials. This means that clients can order a custom product through Expert Gasket & Seal and have their team craft the sealing solution using one of the many options available within the company catalogue. Included within their Durlon product selection is Durlon 8500 and Durlon 9000, both of which can be harnessed to achieve excellent compressibility, recovery and sealing strength. Durlon 8500 and Durlon 9000 can cover a wide range of sealing applications in pulp and paper service, power generation, and petrochemical environments.

In addition to their strong product range, a leading benefit of working with Expert Gasket & Seal at the inception of a sealing system fabrication project is that the company has the ability to analyze a plant and create a custom gasket solution for potential sealing challenges. Performing a plant survey will allow Expert Gasket & Seal to analyze systems and pinpoint issues, so they may effectively provide a comprehensive solution for their client’s sealing problems. Few organizations offer this combination of product quality and expertise.

The specialists at Expert Gasket & Seal are now available to respond to your complex sealing issues. To learn more about the company and their work, contact their offices directly today and speak with a reliable advisor. We are just a phone call away!