Expert Gasket & Seal Offering Refined Die Cut Gaskets for Industrial Applications

Industrial firms must have access to purpose-built sealing systems for their company’s infrastructure. When dealing with complex processing requirements, as well as challenging temperature and chemical issues, companies require die-cut gaskets that set the highest of standards for precise performance. The team at Expert Gasket & Seal has great experience in this area, and is leading the marketplace with their broad range of die cut gaskets.

Expert Gasket & Seal is one of the foremost gasket specialists serving the U.S. marketplace. Their company team has a comprehensive understanding of their clients’ sealing challenges and utilizes their experience to provide effective and efficient solutions. One of the leading reasons so many firms are now entrusting their requirements to the Expert Gasket & Seal team is they’re able to create die cut non-metallic gaskets in both small and large volumes. This means that clients’ orders can be precisely fulfilled according to their unique sealing specifications. Expert Gasket & Seal has a leading-class turnaround time, providing their customers the ideal sealing solution quickly for integration into their facility.

In addition to the company’s die cut gasket expertise, Expert Gasket & Seal also has the full line Durlon gasket materials to meet many sealing demands. The company’s selection of Durlon gaskets is among the most complete within the marketplace. They’re able to provide Durlon Gaskets for companies in the water purifying, petroleum and chemical processing industries. They have Durlon gasket products available for a variety of industrial applications. One of the most popular Durlon gasket materials is Durlon 7900, which has been designed with an NBR rubber binder to provide superior service for water, petroleum based fluids, low temperature steam, and dilute acids within piping and other forms of industrial equipment. Expert Gasket & Seal also offers Durlon 8500, an upgrade to Durlon 7900, with higher temperature and chemical resistance and improved sealing characteristics for more demanding applications.

Expert Gasket & Seal is also a leading market provider of FDA gaskets. The company has the experience to meet the broad range of challenges that clients within the pharmaceutical and food processing industries face. They have a variety of material solutions, including Durlon 9000 and Durlon 9600. Both of these superior PTFE based products are FDA compliant. They are part of a full service solution designed to help clients access the requisite sealing system at cost-effective pricing.

The team at Expert Gasket & Seal has helped thousands of companies achieve high level sealing performance within their facilities. To learn more about their work, please contact their office team directly at (800) 956-8766 or visit their business website today via