Expert Gasket Supporting Client Application Flexibility with Precision-Engineered Die Cut Gaskets

When selecting gaskets for their in-house applications, industrial firms rely upon products that have been tested to meet superior performance standards for fit and durability. They require the services of companies who understand the inherent importance of gasket design and fabrication to meet industrial performance objectives. Using their industry experience and their commitment to offering leading-class gaskets within a consolidated fabrication turnaround time, Expert Gasket & Seal has become a renowned marketplace leader for quality die cut gaskets.

Macedonia, OH-based Expert Gasket & Seal is a company at the very cutting-edge of the gasket fabrication marketplace. Their team has the experience and commitment to service that provides exceptional results for their clients for their varied sealing needs. The selection of equipment and application knowledge at Expert Gasket & Seal also means that the company’s team provides the proper gaskets within the fastest turnaround times offered in the marketplace. Another benefit of the use of this next-generation design and fabrication technology is to provide a class-leading combination of precision manufacturing using a broad range of state of the art gasket materials.

In addition to offering a broad selection of die-cut gaskets to meet precise industrial demands, the specialists at Expert Gasket & Seal also offer clients custom molded rubber parts. The company can provide molded rubber parts varying in hardness from 20A through to 90A in many polymers, including Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton®, and Silicone.

A unique advantage in selecting the services of Expert Gasket & Seal is that, due to the company’s experience in a broad range of sealing industry areas, they’re able to help clients resolve unique application demands as their needs evolve. One area of specialty for the company is their knowledge and experience providing FDA-approved gaskets and seals for piping, container, and processing equipment for both food services and pharmaceutical requirements. The company’s wide selection of FDA-approved products includes Silicone, Nitrile, Viton®, Teflon®, and Durlon® sealing systems that are designed to withstand wide temperature ranges, from sub-zero to over 500º F. Few companies have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to meet this level of demand for their clientele.

Decades of sealing experience is now at your organization’s disposal through the expertise of Expert Gasket & Seal. To learn more about the company’s products or speak with a specialist about your unique sealing system demands, contact the company’s offices directly today!