Get peace of mind with quality FDA approved gaskets

FDA gaskets are made from materials that are approved by the FDA and manufactured to those standards. This means the ingredients used to form the materials are FDA compliant and the resultant gasket is acceptable for many food and pharmaceutical contact applications.

FDA gaskets are:

  • Available in a wide temperature range – to function in temperatures from -50° to +500°F found in a variety of applications in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Chemically compatible – many FDA compliant materials are available to properly seal a variety of food and pharmaceutical applications. These include Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, PTFE, Durlon 9000, Durlon 9600, Durlon 9200W and others.

Where to find FDA gaskets

FDA gaskets and seals are available from Expert Gasket & Seal, a reputable supplier in Cleveland, Ohio. With our over 50 years of experience in the gasket and seal manufacturing industry, we supply an assortment of quality FDA compliant products to a broad range of businesses in the pharmaceutical and food industries and have a reputation for exceptional customer service. Every FDA gasket and seal we fabricate or distribute, and everything else we provide, will meet or exceed the necessary specifications.

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