How Your Business Benefits from Using Custom Gaskets

If your products require gaskets to function properly, you want those gaskets to be as high-quality as possible.  Gaskets are generally inexpensive, as components go, but can significantly impact the overall lifespan of the products they go into.  Better gaskets make for better products, and that makes for better customer relationships.

How do you guarantee the best quality from your gaskets?  Buy custom.  Custom gaskets don’t cost much more than off-the-shelf components but offer so much more.

Five Big Benefits to Purchasing Custom Gaskets for Your Products

1. Guaranteed quality

One of the big hazards of ordering pre-made gaskets today is that there is often little way of knowing where they came from, or what sort of QC policies were in effect.  Unless you know the source of the gaskets, you can’t fully rely on them for your products – and you can’t know that unless you’re working directly with the company that makes them.

2. No compromises

Chances are, even if you can find an existing off-the-shelf gasket that works in your product, it won’t be optimal for your product.  Using pre-made gaskets almost always requires a level of compromise, sacrificing some level of usability or stability to make the gaskets work.  But when you order custom, those gaskets can be made precisely tailored to your needs.

3. Design consulting

Gasket manufacturers know their machines and their supply of materials intimately – and that means they can help you get the most from your designs!  Rather than compromising, it becomes possible to get gaskets that exceed expectations and allow for higher performance than initially planned for.  Expert gasket design consultants can significantly improve your product, and that boosts your entire business.

For example:

4. More choices in materials

Typically, off-the-shelf gaskets only come in a few stock materials such as rubber, cork, or silicone.  However, custom gasket manufacturers will have a huge range of materials available, including exotic materials with high temperature or pressure resistance.  Often, just changing materials can significantly improve performance when in use!

5. Get replacement parts easily

Don’t overlook the benefit of having spares on-hand, either for your products or for the machine used in your own processes.  Custom-made replacement parts are often of higher quality than OEM originals and can be cheaper as well.

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