Is CAD Needed to Prototype Custom Gaskets, Seals and Other Parts?

Traditional manual gasket production requires creating templates or steel dies, doubling the time to manufacture the gasket. When gasket designs are computerized and run through CAD software, small alterations to gasket designs take much less time and do not require dies or re-tooling, making them ideal for prototyping and perfecting your design before mass production. For prototyping purposes, having CAD designs ready to go for the parts you need is ideal. But what if you dont have a CAD file or drawing to start with?

Maybe you have a product sample and need to prototype two-dimensional gasket from the sample, or maybe you created a gasket manually, without a CAD file, that you need to duplicate. Expert Gasket has a solution that is both fast and accurate at replicating products without design files.

Gasket Prototyping Without CAD Files Via Optical Scanning

Along with our Flashcut technology, we utilize a high-tech optical scanner that allows us to make a 3D scan of the product or component sample and build a computerized model (CAD file) from the physical sample.

This scanner enables you to capture your object’s shape and geometrics quickly and accurately through millions of XYZ data points and provides thorough measurement data of the entire surface of your object, creating a complete digital representation of your part and verifying that the part matches your CAD model.

Once your CAD model is complete, your prototype can be created with our die-less Flashcut system. This entire process allows for fast, accurate results while shortening your time to market and reducing labor and material costs.

Rapid Gasket Scanning and Prototyping for Any Application

Expert Gasket & Seal provides cost-effective, rapid prototyping for most flat gasket non-metallic applications. Our Flashcut machinery’s computer-controlled, high-speed knife cutting system produces precise, close tolerance parts on soft materials. This allows us to design and quickly prototype custom gaskets made from rubber, cork, PTFE, compressed non-asbestos and many other materials.

This cutting-edge technology fabricates accurate gaskets and other products from your CAD file or from your original .pdf drawing, and it is die-less, so there is no need to tool new dies for each new design – plus, it’s simple to reconfigure new settings, so you get a finished product faster.

To learn more about Prototyping, with or without a CAD file, contact Expert Gasket & Seal today at (330) 468-0066!