Mechanical Seals from Expert Gasket & Seal

Expert Gasket & Seal provides mechanical seals that are used by a myriad of industries and applications. Any industry that involves moving fluids will likely use pumps that require mechanical seals, and there are many other industries that require the use of mechanical seals. Our experts help to provide the best seals for each specific application so there is no need to worry about seal failures or the need to replace seals earlier than expected. We offer fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality or service.

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Types of Mechanical Seals Expert Gasket & Seal Supplies

Expert Gasket & Seal is an authorized distributor for Advanced Sealing International cartridge seals that are made in the USA. Expert Gasket & Seal can help customize solutions for even the most unique specifications or applications. Our seal line includes:

  • Cartridge seals
  • Split Seals
  • ProTech® Bearing Isolators
  • Component and Single Spring Seals
  • Competitor Swap Program
  • Encore Express Fixed Cost Repair/Replacement

Our Encore Express Repair Program for ASI’s standard ANSI cartridge seals provides a precision factory rebuilt seal at substantial savings. The seal repair cost is 60% of a new seal, even if the old seal is scrapped. You will receive a new seal at the repair cost for the life of that seal should your old seal be unrepairable. ASI seals are serial numbered for traceability. The Encore Seal, repaired or replaced, is shipped within 3-5 days of arrival at ASI’s Baton Rouge LA facility.

Our Competitor Swap Program:  Trade in a competitor seal and the ASI replacement seal is discounted 15-20% from list price. Purchase a new seal for little more than the cost of an average seal repair.

Advanced Sealing International’s dependable cartridge seals are designed, made and repaired in the USA.

How Are Mechanical Seals Used?

Mechanical seals are typically used on pumps of all different varieties. Pumps typically need to seal off fluid contained within the pump while also allowing motion to be transferred away from the sealed chamber. This usually involves a rotating shaft. There is potential for fluid to leak where the shaft connects from the exterior of the pump to the interior chamber. Mechanical seals help to prevent these leaks and seal the fluid inside the chamber without hindering the motion of the components.

Industries that use mechanical seals would include:

  • The Oil Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Utilities and Wastewater Processing
  • And many more

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