No Matter Your Custom Need, Expert Gasket & Seal Can Meet It

With more than a combined 50+ years of sealing knowledge, Expert Gasket & Seal has been serving customers in Ohio, and across the United States, with superior service and craftsmanship. Our custom gaskets are well-known in many industries, and we have an ever-growing list of businesses who trust us with jobs both big and small.

Much of that is due to our significant expertise and the wide variety of projects we’re capable of handling. No matter your needs, we can meet them.

The Many Sealing Types Available from Expert Gasket & Seal

  • Durlon Gaskets: Durlon is well-known with one of the top product lines for industrial sealing under extreme conditions, such as chemical manufacturing, petroleum refining, and power generation. From high temperature capability to aggressive chemical resistance, Durlon custom gaskets can handle it.
  • FDA-Compliant Gaskets: The food and pharmaceutical industries are held to particularly tight standards, and Expert Gasket & Seal can meet or exceed those standards using a wide variety of FDA compliant gasket materials.
  • Siftex Flexible Connectors: Searching for a material transport solution that remains flexible without contaminating the materials inside? Siftex offers materials from gum rubber to polyester products that fit your needs.
  • Teflon Products:  Few materials on the market boast the same level of hydrophobia as Teflon, making it an excellent option when fluid-tight seals are mandatory. We offer both pure Teflon gaskets, as well as Durlon specialty PTFE products like Durlon 9000 and Durlon 9600.
  • Braided Packing Seals: When you need the strength, flexibility, and versatility of braided materials, Expert Gasket & Seal can provide. For pumps and valves, our braided options span many material types and usage scenarios.
  • Mechanical Seals: We don’t solely work in rubber and synthetics. We also provide state of the art Advanced Sealing International mechanical cartridge seals.

We also offer rapid prototyping services, courtesy of our Flashcut computer-cutting system. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

Choose the Custom Gaskets Manufacturer the Nation Trusts

A company doesn’t remain in the custom manufacturing industry for long without offering distinct advantages over the competition. With Expert Gasket & Seal, you benefit from our decades of experience, vast industry connections, and top-of-the-line production facilities.

Whether you already have a gasket design in-hand, or you need a custom solution engineered from scratch, contact Expert Gasket & Seal today to make your next project a reality.