Spliced / Vulcanized O-ring Benefits and Usage

Spliced / vulcanized joint O-rings are often used in static seal applications, most commonly as face seals.  Spliced / vulcanized O-rings are fabricated from extruded rubber cord and are available in several popular compounds such as Nitrile, EPDM, Viton©, and Silicone. To create a spliced and vulcanized o-rings, a strong joint is made using a liquid form of uncured compound to adhere the two ends under heat and pressure in a mold.  An example of a typical face seal that may use this type of o-ring is a tank lid where an O-ring groove is either in the lid or the mating tank surface.

Spliced / vulcanized O-rings don’t require large minimum orders or tooling for common cross-sections.   We can provide nearly any diameter from standard inch and metric cross-sections in the previously noted compounds.

Custom sizes, a variety of compounds, and low cost make a spliced / vulcanized O-rings a great solution for a number of different static seal applications.

Please contact Expert Gasket & Seal for assistance with your application details and let us provide a proper sealing solution.