Why You Need Die-Less Gasket Cutting from Your Custom Gasket Manufacturer

When you’re trying to bring a new product to market, delay is the last thing you want. With so many companies all trying to innovate and catch the public’s attention, those who can hit market first are most likely to succeed. Anyone who follows can potentially be seen as an also-ran.

The issue, of course, is that at the same time, customers demand high-quality products that have been well-tested. This means any R&D and prototyping project must walk a tightrope between speed and quality. The gold standard is being able to increase both at once. When you work with a custom gasket manufacturer capable of making a wide variety of rubber and non-metallic parts quickly and efficiently, using a die-less cutting system, that’s exactly what you get.

Here at Expert Gasket & Seal, one of the centerpieces of our work is our Flashcut system, which allows you to take your designs to market faster than ever before with custom rubber gasket and parts.

Four Advantages of The Flashcut Die-Less Custom Gasket Cutter

1. Simple setup

The Flashcut system cuts gaskets or other rubber and non-metallic parts from sheet materials. There’s no need to create dies, molds, custom cutters, or any type of tooling. It simply takes designs straight from standard .dxf CAD files and makes them a reality.

2. Numerous material choices

Flashcut can work with many common materials including rubber, Teflon, sponges, soft plastics, compressed gasket sheets, and more. Whatever material best suits the needs of your product is available and can be worked with easily.

3. Rapid prototyping

If you know you need a certain custom gasket or rubber-like part, but need testing to determine which material is best for your needs, Flashcut can handle it. Materials can be swapped out quickly, or CAD files adjusted, to make many prototype parts in a single day if necessary.

4. High precision

Because it’s computer controlled, Flashcut can achieve RMA class 1 or better tolerances, even when working with difficult materials such as sponge. Further, unlike traditional dies and molds, Flashcut-created products have perfectly straight edges – there’s no “hour glassing” or other deformation associated with molded rubber or plastic.

Expert Gasket & Seal Has Decades of Experience as a Custom Gasket Manufacturer

Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience producing the custom gasket parts your next project needs to succeed. Contact us today for a full consultation on making your product a reality.