3 Benefits of Custom Die Cut & Flashcut Gaskets

If you frequently use gaskets as connectors, or for your seals and other applications, it’s important to invest in the right ones. As you most likely know: no two manufacturing styles are alike, so how do you determine whether a particular gasket is the right one for you? Well, the team of experts from Expert Gasket & Seal is here to help by illustrating some of the greatest advantages of investing in custom die cut gaskets.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to convince you that our custom die cut gaskets are able to outperform the competition.

1. Supply Chain Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of investing in custom die cut gaskets is that you’ll always be able to find them; there’s no need to worry about a manufacturer running out. This is because since they’re made on a custom basis, you can choose from a range of different companies like the team from Expert Gasket & Seal. Many die cutters will offer a wide range of solutions, enabling you to design a gasket that’s ideal for your applications and one-of-a-kind, something you simply can’t get with traditional manufacturers.

2. Lower Costs

You might not think at first glance that custom die cut gaskets will be the cheaper alternative, but they are indeed. This is because the majority of custom die cut gaskets are produced using steel-rule dies on flatbed or rotary equipment.  Complimenting that process is Expert Gasket & Seal’s Flashcut fabrication which does not require tooling and uses a .dxf file to create and manufacture custom gaskets.  This process is ideal for smaller batch orders.

3. Design Changes without the Expense

For those who are creating prototypes and tweaking the parameters of a particular product, Flashcut gaskets are a great option when it comes to keeping costs down.

Let us be your custom die cut gasket provider!

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