Four Critical Aspects of Choosing the Perfect Custom Gasket for Your Needs

Manufacturers across Ohio, and the United States, know the value of partnering with an experienced custom gasket manufacturer.  Custom gaskets are an excellent solution for a range of problems, from difficulties in developing new products to maintaining older machinery when spare parts are difficult to find.

Your Ohio custom gasket manufacturer will do their best to understand your needs, and work with you to find the right gasket solution – but it helps if you go into the process prepared.  These are the factors to focus on when choosing between potential gaskets.

Critical Elements When Choosing Custom Gaskets

1. The basic specifications

First, of course, a company needs to know the basics of their order.  What will the gasket be sealing, and what are the mechanical details of the application? These, and other considerations need to be addressed before choosing an appropriate material.

2. Resistance requirements

What will be the maximum and minimum temperatures the gasket will have to operate under?  What sort of pressure will it be asked to withstand?  Are there any foreseeable usage cases that will go beyond the “on paper” resistance specifications?  These are all critical pieces of information.

3. Choosing a material

Anyone can carve out a piece of rubber using a CAD file.  True success when manufacturing custom gaskets comes from choosing the right material for the job.  This is why it’s best to know as much about the gasket’s predicted performance as possible.  Every potential gasket material – and there are dozens – has different physical properties.  The best manufacturers know how to pair material to purpose.

4. Testing

Finally, custom gaskets should be thoroughly tested prior to finalizing the order. Fluid compatibility and application testing should be performed to determine if the gasket is truly ready to be deployed in live machinery or sold to customers.

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