4 Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Custom Gasket Manufacturer

The manufacturer a company chooses for their custom gaskets can make all the difference in terms of the quality of the manufacturing process. Gaskets must be designed to withstand specific temperature and pressure ranges, and only by choosing the ideal custom gasket manufacturer will the ideal product be found. In this latest post, we’ll explain more on four questions to consider before working with a custom gasket manufacturer.

1. What is Your Experience?

The manufacturer should have decades of experience within the manufacturing marketplace. This experience will help their team to make the right choices along the manufacturing process and will ensure they have the ideal response to any building challenges they might encounter. Long-standing market experience will also be crucial in helping maintain reasonable manufacturing costs.

2. Which Material is Required?

Depending on the type of manufacturing required, specific materials may be necessary to get optimal performance from the gasket. Working with the manufacturer, companies should analyze the type of custom gasket material required for their project. It’s important the manufacturer has access to this material at the ideal price point.

3. Can You Meet Our Specific Parts Demands?

When choosing specific parts for their in-house systems, companies must work with a manufacturer that can meet their demand levels. For example, a company might require hundreds of parts within a quick timeframe. And this might be too much of a burden for some manufacturing companies to meet. Make sure that the company selected has the workforce and the resources to meet the scale of demands required.

4. Can You Guarantee Turnaround Times?

Oftentimes, needs for custom gaskets arise on short notice, and this means the manufacturer must be able to respond with quality products built within strict turnaround times. Make sure that the amount of time to manufacture the product is discussed and solidified early in the process. This will help keep everyone on the same page as the process moves forward.

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