A Wide Range of Custom Gaskets and Products Are Available from Expert Gasket & Seal

Here at Expert Gasket & Seal, we pride ourselves on being able to come up with custom gaskets and sealing solutions for practically any challenge a client presents us with.  Thanks to our wide range of manufacturer partners, our in-house production facilities, and our expert staff there truly are very few problems we can’t solve.

As a result, we have a great selection of custom gaskets and sealing products available, including:

Gasket & Sheet Products

Our primary stock in trade is, of course, gaskets – either off the shelf or custom-created from our wide range of material options.  Depending on your needs, we can work with high tech Durlon Products, silicone, rubber, PTFE (Teflon), Viton®, Neoprene, and more.

Need to work to exact specifications?  We have products which will pass FDA requirements for food, drug, and beverage manufacture.

Mechanical Seals

Metal is another option.  We have a full range of stationary, spring-loaded, and rotary seal types.  State of the art Advanced Sealing International Single and double-cartridge seals, multiple spring, bellows-type, ProTec Bearing Isolators, and more are also available.

Braided Packing and Hydraulic Seals

We have all the braided packing products you could want for pumps and valves, with bulk ordering options available.  This also includes O-Rings and other hydraulic seals, as well as less common variations such as V-Rings and lip seals.

Custom Molded Rubber Parts

One of our specialty services which keeps our clients coming back is our ability to create almost unlimited types of custom-molded rubber parts.  Very often, if a customer has a need for a part which doesn’t exist, we can just design it and manufacturer it ourselves!   Whether it’s a simple joiner or spacer, or a more complicated design, if it can be made of molded rubber we can probably made it happen.

Specialty Teflon Seals

Need movable seals with rotary or reciprocal action?  We have a special selection of PTFE parts for exactly those situations, including solutions from both Tri-Tec and TexPoly.

Related Sealing Products

We can flesh out your designs with expansion joints, rubber or PVC tubing, joint sealants, tape, and more.  We’re here to fulfill your sealing needs, from top to bottom.

Custom Rapid Prototyping

Don’t forget about our prototyping services!  Thanks to our Flashcut die-less cutting system, we can quickly create prototypes straight from raw sheets of material, based on simple CAD files.  We can work off your designs, or you can collaborate with our expert engineers to refine your designs until you have the perfect custom gaskets or other parts.

Expert Gasket & Seal has stood the test of time, providing the best in sealing solutions to companies across America for decades.  Whether your next job is large or small, contact us for a consultation!