Achieve Seamless Sealing Precision with Mechanical Seals from Expert Gasket

Today’s manufacturing plants depend on high performance, durable sealing solutions for their pumping processes. Firms are now reviewing the local area marketplace for sealing products that will help them reduce their expenditure and long term process downtime.  Mechanical seals are one of those products. To find the best available mechanical seals on the market, and to custom-fit those seals to their specific pump applications, companies are now turning to sealing specialists such as the team at Expert Gasket.

Expert Gasket is one of the leading Cleveland, OH-based industrial sealing specialists. The company is known for their expertise with custom gasket fabrication, as well as their ability as application problem solvers. Clients often find that the company is also able to offer them the most cost-effective pricing available on the latest sealing solutions. This ensures that organizations consolidate their equipment expenditures as well as reduce the cost of their long-term maintenance through the use modern sealing technology. Within the firm’s selection of sealing products, companies will discover a full range of mechanical seals.

Mechanical seals are proven products in the sealing industry, and are designed to offer high level performance in terms of preventing systems leakage, ensuring organizations improve their emissions performance and enhance productivity. In addition to working with clients on custom mechanical seals, the company also distributes the latest sealing technology from the industry’s foremost manufacturers. One such example is the Model 590 Dual Stationary Cartridge Mounted Seal from the team at Advanced Sealing International. The Model 590 is considered the ideal seal for the handling of liquids that are sensitive to contact with air and those that could have direct consequences on their surrounding environment. The mechanism controlling the closing force to the inbound seal face is completely automatic, thereby ensuring a consistently tight seal that is regulated by the pressure difference between the process and the barrier liquid used in the application. The product also features metal-encased inboard and outboard seal faces, to ensure that plant personnel are protected from seal face failure and systems leakage. With the ability to operate as a tandem seal, a double seal or a single seal, the Model 590 Dual Stationary Cartridge Mounted Seal is one of the most flexible sealing systems now available in the mechanical seal system marketplace.

Expert Gasket has the personnel, the experience, and the resources to handle the most challenging of sealing problems. Contact Expert Gasket today to begin the sealing solution process.