Customized Seals for Superior Application Performance from Expert Gasket & Seal

As equipment and machinery becomes more specialized, precise and proper sealing products are required.  Proper material selection is imperative. Materials must be compatible with system fluids, have excellent wear characteristics, and provide long sealing life for the user. This level of precise sealing selection can only be achieved by working with a trusted specialist for customized seals, such as Expert Gasket& Seal.

Expert Gasket & Seal is one of the leading fabricators of custom gaskets and standard pipe gaskets. The Cleveland, OH company is known for their ability to help clients resolve the most challenging of sealing problems and provide solutions that not only offer immediate resolution but lasting performance. Expert Gasket & Seal works with with a broad range of manufacturers producing state of the art sealing products and materials.  Their gasket experts provide fast, effective answers for difficult sealing applications.

In addition to the company’s expertise in supplying OEM sealing products, Expert Gasket & Seal also works with clients to help improve the sealing systems within their plant operations. The many years of experience the company’s staff has ensures that clients have a broad array of resources to respond to their in-house sealing problems. Expert Gasket & Seal will, at the customer’s request, visit their plant and analyze the facility for potential performance flaws that can be resolved with the latest sealing products and designs.

As an industry specialist, Expert Gasket & Seal provides the best performing products for their applications. One example offered within the company’s catalog are Durlon gasket materials. These unique products are designed for seamless integration within applications such as power generation, water purifying and chemical processing.  Durlon gaskets are known to be exceptionally durable and chemical resistant, thereby ensuring that companies achieve a high level return on investment for their sealing and piping systems. One example of Durlon gaskets available through Expert Gasket is Durlon 9000. Durlon 9000, a proprietary PTFE based material, provides excellent sealing performance over a broad range of chemicals. It’s a gasket material that is finding great acceptability throughout manufacturing, chemical, and power generation facilities in the US.

Trusted for their exceptional industry expertise and their commitment to client satisfaction, Expert Gasket & Seal is ready to help your organization move forward with its sealing applications. To learn more, contact the company’s technical team today to discuss your needs.