Choosing Superior Durlon® PTFE Gasket Materials

There are several types of superior Durlon® PTFE gasket materials from which we fabricate gaskets, or provide the sheet for those wanting to make their own.

Durlon® filled PTFE materials are not constructed like typical skived PTFE.  Because of their unique construction, using variously shaped fillers blended with pure PTFE resin, Durlon® PTFE does not wick or cause flange corrosion.  These proprietary materials maintain a tighter seal, and have a higher bolt torque retention than other filled or conventional PTFE gasket materials.

Our most popular style is Durlon® 9000 (blue color) and Durlon® 9000N (white color).  Both of these materials are FDA compliant, are certified for Oxygen service, and are listed in “Pamphlet 95” of the Chlorine Institute as an acceptable material for chlorine service.  Durlon® 9000 and Durlon® 9000N are commonly used for gaskets in the chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.

Another style is Durlon® 9200W, a barium sulfate filled FDA compliant PTFE is commonly used in the pulp and paper, chemcial, and other industries where resistance to aggressive chemicals is required.

Durlon® 9400 is a carbon filled FDA compliant PTFE designed for use in tankcars and chemcial plants in applications using hydrofluoric acid and anhydrous hydrogen fluoride where Durlon® 9200W is not suitable.

Durlon® 9600 is an expanded FDA compliant PTFE designed to seal at lower bolt loads.  This material, which is softer than the other Durlon® PTFE formulas, conforms easily to flanges that may be warped, pitted, or otherwise have imperfect surfaces.  Durlon® 9600 is ideal for plastic flanges using lower bolt loads, but still needing to provide a positive seal against aggressive chemicals.

These materials, designed specifically for gaskets and providing superior sealing over conventional PTFE sheets, should be considered your first choice when choosing a PTFE gasket.

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