Choosing Basic Compressed Gasket Materials

There are several types of compressed gasket materials from which we fabricate gaskets, or provide the sheet for those wanting to make their own.

The most commonly used material we offer is Durlon® 8500, a green colored NBR binder/Aramid-Inorganic fiber compressed sheet.  Durlon® 8500 is excellent in steam, natural gas, and many petroleum based fluids, and covers a temperature range of -100 to 700ºF, with a continuous max of 548ºF.  For much of the same types of service, we offer a less costly alternate, Durlon® 7900.  Durlon® 7900 is an off-white colored NBR binder/Aramid fiber sheet with a max continuous temperature of 400º and is appropriate when service conditions are less severe.

For higher temperature steam and hot water service, we recommend Durlon® 8600, a white colored SBR binder/Aramid-Inorganic fiber sheet with a termperature range of -100 to 700ºF with a continuous max of 548ºF.

When a wider pH range is required, Durlon® 8400, a gold colored NBR binder/Phenolic fiber sheet is the logical choice.  Durlon® 8400 has a temperature range of -100 to 800ºF, with a continuous max temperature of 554ºF.   Durlon® 8400 is excellent in chemical, pulp and paper, and other industrial applications.

With the highest continuous max temperature of 600ºF, Durlon® 8300 should be considered for steam and hydrocarbon services in refining, petrochemical, and power generation industries.  Durlon® 8300, black in color, and with a NBR binder/Carbon fiber system, has a temperature range of -100 to 800ºF.

Durlon® 8700, blue in color, a CR (neoprene) binder/Aramid-Inorganic fiber sheet has the same temperature range as Durlon® 8500, but is used for refrigerants and other service requiring a neoprene binder.

There are many factors for each gasket application to consider before choosing a compressed gasket material.  Some of those include system pressure, media, temperature range, flange material and condition, flange design, and bolting.

Please contact Expert Gasket & Seal for additional assistance with your application.