Complete Projects on Time & Under Budget with Custom Die Cut Gaskets

Product research and development (R&D) timelines keep shrinking, while buyers continue to demand ever-better products.  You don’t have time to wait around for custom parts, while opportunity passes by.  You need a vendor who can supply you with custom die cut gaskets as quickly as possible while assisting with any related engineering issues which might be slowing you down.

That’s exactly why companies across the nation trust Expert Gasket & Seal when they need custom die cut gaskets.  We can deliver orders of any size, large or small while making our expert seal specialists available to help with any issues.

The Right Materials for The Right Applications

Thanks to our long years in business, we have access to a huge range of materials.  Of course, we can work with rubber, silicone, cork, and other common materials- but we also have plenty of more exotic items in stock, ones perfect for more demanding applications.  We can provide PTFE (Teflon), Durlon 9000 filled PTFE, Durlon 9600 expanded PTFE, and much more.

If you need custom gaskets that need to work in extreme temperatures, high pressures, or unusual atmospheric compositions, we can provide the materials that make it possible!

Prototype Gaskets Cut Directly from CAD Files

If you’re in need of experimental prototypes or want to try out different materials, Expert Gasket & Seal should be the first vendor you call.  Our Flashcut die-less production system can cut custom gaskets straight from raw material, based only on CAD files.  It only takes a few minutes per gasket!

This is an excellent option if you need several different gaskets to test against each other.  And, of course, we can do a full production run – of any size – when you decide on the right gasket for your product.

Sealing Expertise On-Demand

While we’re happy to simply create your gaskets to-order, we can also offer significant expertise when it comes to finding material solutions.  Our in-house seal and gasket specialists have worked extensively with all the materials we stock, which allows us to tailor products specifically to the needs of our customers.

If you’re dealing with a tricky problem, or you’ve had other gasket companies tell you that your problem is insurmountable, it probably isn’t!  You just need to contact Expert Gasket & Seal for a consultation.

The Custom Die Cut Gaskets You Need, On Time, And Under Budget

We’re proud of the work we do here at Expert Gasket & Seal.  No job is too big or small, and we’re always glad to take on an interesting new challenge.  When you need custom gaskets, give us a call.