Expert Gasket & Seal Can Be Your Full-Service Custom Gasket Manufacturer

When you’re looking for the perfect sealing solutions for your projects, finding the right custom gasket manufacturer is critical.  You need genuine experts with a long history in the field, capable of understanding your needs, and offering both the designs and materials necessary to meet those needs.

That’s why companies across the country turn to Expert Gasket & Seal when they need custom sealing solutions.

Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience as a custom gasket manufacturer, backed up by sealing specialists who can help you solve your problems, and extensive industry contacts that give us the edge in materials.  We are fully capable of helping create the gaskets you need for any application, even products which must function in difficult media, under wide  temperature ranges, or other extreme situations.

Our extensive array of services includes:

Rapid Prototyping:  Along with our traditional die-cutting manufacturing, we also have a state-of-the-art Flashcut system.  This can take a design from a standard CAD file and cut it  straight out of a piece of material, in only minutes.  It’s the perfect solution when you need to try out several prototype gaskets to find the right option for your project.

OEM Part Replacement:  Are you trying to find parts for an older piece of machinery, after the original manufacturer has ceased providing support?  Or do you need an affordable alternative to costly first-party replacement gaskets?  We can replicate virtually many existing gaskets at highly affordable prices.

Extensive Material Selection:  We can create products out of traditional material, such as custom foam gaskets or custom rubber seals, but we also have a wide selection of more exotic materials: Durlon high tech gasket materials, Teflon, Viton®, Silicone, Vegetable Fiber, and much more. With our experience working with these materials, we can match your application with the right material.

Custom Rubber Parts:  When it comes to making products from rubber, and rubber-style materials, we aren’t limited to gaskets and seals.  We can produce virtually any custom rubber part you might need, including molded rubber parts.  Part runs can be as small or large as you need.

FDA-Compliant Solutions:  Are you working with food processing or food equipment which require FDA compliant materials?, ?  We can ensure that the materials used for your sealing solutions are fully FDA-compliant!

In short, Expert Gasket & Seal can provide all your sealing needs.  As a custom gasket manufacturer, we’re second to none, and we’re continually looking to expand our products, services, and expertise. If you’re facing a tough sealing challenge, and other companies say it can’t be done, contact us and let our experts make it happen.