Custom Die Cut Gaskets Can Easily Protect Your Electrical Enclosures

Vital electrical and electronic equipment should be kept in a protective enclosure – particularly if operating in an outdoor environment.  However, the enclosure is only as protective as the gasket sealing it closed!  Even small flaws in either the seal or flange can compromise the gasket, causing serious problems to your operation.

Custom die cut gaskets can be an excellent and cost-effective option for keeping your electrical enclosures secure against threats both in both indoor and outdoor applications.  There are other potential options but die cut gaskets will give you the best performance.  More importantly, they’re much more likely to adhere to Ingress Prevention (IP) standards that your equipment may be required to meet!

Why Custom Die Cut Gaskets Are Best for Sealing Electrical Enclosures

Fundamentally, you have three options for gaskets on your electrical boxes – Strips, Foam-In-Place (FIP), and Custom die cut or Flashcut.

Strips are the worst choice, although they can occasionally be deployed as a “quick fix” until a more permanent solution can be obtained.  This simply means taking a length of sealing material, such as silicone, and cutting it into strips that are applied to the box’s door.  This may leave gaps in the protection and will cause leaks.

Foam-In-Place is another option.  FIP involves buying specialty liquid polyurethane and spraying it around the edges of the mating surfaces.  The liquid creates a foam, which cures into a harder seal.  If properly applied, it can create a relatively good seal.  However, it’s also fairly easy to damage, and the process is messy.   Special equipment will need to be purchased to accurately dispense the foam, necessitating additional cost.

Custom Die Cut or Flashcut Gaskets are the best permanent solution.  An experienced gasket manufacturer has a wide range of materials to choose from and can select the gasket material to best meet your needs and the operating conditions for the enclosure.  Die-cut /Flashcut gaskets are continuous, eliminating seams and other potential leak paths.  Plus, it’s easy to buy a handful of replacements at a low cost, so that you’ll have plenty of spares on hand for the years to come.

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