Why Partner with A Custom Gaskets Manufacturer?

People rarely think about gaskets, at least not until something is leaking.  Perhaps your engineers are struggling to put together a product capable of accomplishing its intended tasks, due to challenging environmental elements.  Perhaps you rely on older machinery, where finding replacement gaskets is difficult.  Perhaps you simply want to stock up on spares in bulk, to save money.

There are numerous ways that a custom gaskets manufacturer can be a valuable partner – and much more helpful than trying to buy gaskets off the shelf!

Why Custom Gaskets Are Better Than Off the Shelf Products

1. No compromises in product design

There are thousands of “stock” gaskets in the world, but the potential combinations of size and material are genuinely endless.  If you rely entirely on stock gaskets, that means your product has to be designed around the gaskets – and that means compromises.  On the other hand, a custom gasket can be created specifically for your needs.

2. Avoid costly replacement parts

Too many hardware manufacturers try to lock you into relying on them for spares, then overcharge for basic products.  You can avoid that with a custom gasket manufacturer.  It’s entirely possible to replicate any product on the market, usually for less than the OEM price, and often with better quality!

3. Replace irreplaceable parts

Another benefit of working with custom gasket manufacturers is the ability to obtain replacement gaskets when official parts simply are not available.  A lot of industrial and machine shops still rely on older hardware, whose original manufacturer is long out of business.  If a gasket fails, replacements may be impossible to find – but they can always be custom-made!

4. Create better products

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of materials and material blends that can be utilized in creating gaskets.  Cork, rubber, or silicone are fine – but they aren’t always the optimal solution to your use-case challenges.  A custom gasket manufacturer can utilize more exotic materials, like Durlon 9000, to help improve sealing and system longevity.

5. Stock up

Buying custom gaskets in bulk is cheap and easy, particularly compared to small-batch jobs.  If you foresee a need for replacement gaskets stretching ahead into the future, why not go ahead and order them now to keep long-term costs down?

Expert Gasket & Seal Can Help

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