Custom Rubber Gaskets Can Save Your Business Time and Money

One question we frequently hear is “Why should I work with a custom gasket manufacturer when I can just order gaskets online?”  That’s a fair question!  There are untold thousands of gaskets available to be purchased directly from miscellaneous vendors and third-party sites.  (Hint: that’s part of the problem.)

Sometimes,, if you know exactly what you need and there’s a pre-made part that would fit, you can buy off-the-shelf.  However, there are numerous times that ordering custom rubber gaskets is the better option, providing the correct sealing solution – saving you time, money, or both!

Three Ways You Save Time & Money with Custom Rubber Gaskets

1. Get exactly what you need, the first time

Sure, there are thousands of gaskets available online – but can you be certain you’re ordering the right one for your needs?  Even if the particular SKU you’re looking at is the right size, what about the material it’s made from?  Is it the best material for the job?

Working directly with a custom gasket manufacturer eliminates the doubt – by leveraging their expertise, you’re certain to get the right part every time.  Further, this can save plenty of time by eliminating the need to go searching around gasket supply sites.

2. Guaranteed quality

There’s another big issue with ordering off-the-shelf: how do you know what their supply chain looks like?  Are you getting quality parts… or cheap foreign knockoffs?  This can be a particular issue if you’re trying to reduce costs on your gaskets – is it a good deal, or too good to be true?

After all, sealing failures can be incredibly expensive.

When you work with a reputable gasket manufacturer with years of experience, you can be assured you’re getting the right gaskets made from the correct material for your specific application.

3. Get parts which are no longer easily obtained

Sometimes a custom gasket manufacturer can be a true lifesaver when you’re in a situation where you need parts which are hard to get. For example, an older piece of hardware whose OEM is no longer in business. Or any situation where an OEM is over-charging for simple parts due to customer lock-in.

Custom rubber gaskets get around that.  A quality manufacturer can replicate most gaskets old or new, and often for less than the cost of the OEM part.

Expert Gasket & Seal

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