How to Purchase Custom Die Cut Gaskets – A Complete Guide

There are countless times when a business or manufacturer might be in need of custom gaskets. From solving engineering problems in product development to maintaining an older mission-critical piece of equipment, it pays to partner with a quality custom gasket manufacturer!

You even have multiple options for getting the gaskets you need.  For larger quantities, you can get traditional custom die cut gaskets, stamped from a variety of materials.  On the other hand, there are also die-less Flashcut options, with a computer-controlled system cutting the gasket directly from a sheet of material.  This is perfect for small jobs, rapid prototyping, or longer runs from materials not suitable for die-cutting.

No matter what kind of gaskets you need, here are a few tips to help you find the right custom die cut gaskets for your needs!

Find a quality manufacturer

There are three main things you want in a custom gasket manufacturer: expertise, equipment, and materials.  They should have a long history in the business, a wide variety of gasket materials from which to choose, and a range of modern equipment capable of producing as many different types of gaskets as possible.

Have the details of the job ready

The reason a custom gasket manufacturer needs to have a lot of different materials on-hand is so they can match those materials to the application. The choice of material can vary drastically, depending on factors such as operating temperatures, pressures, and atmosphere (or liquid) contacting the gasket. The more application details you can provide will help with the selection of the correct material for your needs.

Ask about prototyping

Sometimes there may not be a single clear best option for material.  In those cases, prototyping is the best option.  When a custom gasket manufacturer offers flashcut gaskets, they can quickly fabricate several product variations.  This allows you to test and evaluate the gaskets before placing a production order.

Take advantage of their engineering expertise

Gasket manufacturers will always be happy to produce gaskets to your specifications if you have a drawing or CAD files available. However, a quality custom gasket manufacturer will also have a team of experienced sealing specialists on-staff, ready to assist or refine your product.  They can often save you a lot of time by suggesting better materials, or dimensional changes to existing designs.

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