Does Your Application Call For a Viton® Gasket?

When you have demanding applications in need of specialty seals, it’s a good idea to turn to an Ohio custom gasket manufacturer for expert advice. A well-established custom gasket shop will have a huge range of materials available, like Viton® gaskets, and can consult on which will be best for your application.

Viton® – the Chemours brand name for a synthetic rubber called FKM – is one of the most unique and resilient materials from which gaskets can be made, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for every application.  Let’s take a look at which situations call for it.

When Do Your Custom Gaskets Need To Be Made From Viton®?

What makes Viton® unique is its ability to seal a great variety of fluids and do so within a wide temperature range greater than what typical rubber seals can achieve.

Viton® has a higher density than common elastomers such as Neoprene and Nitrile.  The increased density allows Viton to outperform those materials in vacuum applications.

Gaskets made from Viton® have a number of unique properties, including:

  • Continuous heat resistance up to 450°F with excursions to 500°F
  • Cold resistance without cracking, down to -20°F.
  • Superior resistance to petroleum based fluids, strong acids, and solvents that would compromise other organic rubber materials.

Viton® seals are used extensively in aerospace, chemical, and other demanding industries since their chemical properties make them an excellent choice for critical applications.

Please know when you purchase Viton® gaskets & seals from Expert Gasket & Seal, you will be receiving genuine Chemours Viton® – not a generic equivalent.  Don’t be swayed by “bargain “ FKMs for critical and safety sensitive applications.

If you have a difficult engineering job and are working on a project that needs high-performance gaskets, Expert Gasket & Seal can help!  Contact us to consult with a top-quality Ohio custom gasket manufacturer.