Why Custom Gaskets Are the Right Choice for Solving Engineering Challenges

Gaskets may be small, but they’re a critical part of so many engineering projects, industrial machinery, and consumer products.  The right gasket can greatly extend a machine’s lifespan while offering the best performance; the wrong gasket can shorten that life or even lead to catastrophic failure.

Whenever looking at gasket options, it’s easy to turn to the many off-the-shelf products available – but are any of them truly the best fit for your needs?  Much of the time, the best option is to go with custom gaskets from a manufacturer you trust.  From cost to performance, it’s the right call all around.

Three Reasons Custom Gaskets Are the Best Fit For Your Project

1. No compromises

If you’re buying off-the-shelf gaskets, that means you’re locked into whatever shapes, sizes, and materials are available.  What if they aren’t quite right for your build?  Suddenly you’re having to redesign the product or machine around the gaskets – and that seems backwards.  Not to mention potentially compromising the product itself.

Custom gasket manufacturers can ensure your gaskets are the exact right fit for your needs, in every sense.

2. Get expert advice on materials

In many ways, the shape of your gaskets is less important than the material from which they’re made.  There are dozens of materials from which a gasket can be fabricated and every material has different physical properties.  Some only work well in certain temperatures; others react badly when exposed to certain chemicals or atmospheres.

A custom gasket manufacturer has experts on staff who can examine your project, understand what the gasket needs to do, and select the perfect material for the job.

3. Replace expensive OEM parts for less

Do you have machinery in your shop which was built using gaskets that only the manufacturer provides?  This lock-in can get expensive since exclusive OEM parts tend to cost more.  The problem gets worse if the OEM ever goes out of business.  The price of spares could skyrocket.

Custom gasket manufacturers can easily recreate most gaskets and seals in your operation – and usually at a much lower cost!  Stock up on spares so that replacing a gasket is never an issue.

Expert Gasket & Seal Can Solve Your Engineering Problems

Expert Gasket & Seal has decades of experience providing custom gaskets to customers across the US.  From rapid-prototyping tests to full-scale production runs, we have the skills, the tools, and the expertise to see your project done right.

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