Expert Custom Gasket Manufacturing for FDA-Approved Applications

Producing custom parts for the food and drug industries is a particular challenge, due to the much more stringent safety standards placed on anything which might come into contact with materials intended for human consumption. Not every custom gasket facility possesses the materials, tools, and techniques necessary to produce FDA-ready parts.

However, Expert Gasket & Seal specializes in exactly these situations. Our years of experience with these particular applications gives you the confidence and security your custom gaskets and seals meet or exceed FDA requirements.

We offer products with…

A Wide Range of Materials

FDA-approved custom gaskets and parts must be created from materials which are resistant to microbial life and will not contaminate the foods and drugs which may come into contact with them.  Materials such as Silicone rubber, Viton Rubber, Virgin Teflon, and Durlon 9000 and 9600  are preferred.

We will work with you to determine your specific needs and which materials will best fill the intended role, while meeting the necessary FDA or NSF requirements.

Chemical Compatibility

FDA-ready custom parts also must be certified as non-reactive with any chemicals being used in the production of foods and pharmaceuticals. We can ensure you receive materials which are completely safe for your applications.

Wide Thermal Stability

FDA-compliant custom gaskets must be able to withstand significant variations in temperature and pressure without decaying or contributing any foreign materials to the foods or drugs being produced. The custom rubber gaskets we provide are rated from sub-zero conditions to temperatures of 500F, while maintaining absolute stability.

Custom Rubber Gaskets Created Quickly

If you are running on custom-built machinery, there may not be off-the-shelf gaskets suitable for your applications. This is where Expert Gasket can truly shine. Our die-less flashcut system allows gaskets and other parts to be cut directly from a sheet of raw materials via a computer system that works from traditional CAD files. The creation of a custom or prototype gasket only takes minutes once the CAD file is supplied, allowing for rapid prototyping or exploration of options in materials to use.

Please use our expertise to help bring your new assembly or manufacturing processes to life. We love a good challenge, and helping our customers attain full FDA gasket and seal compliance is often exactly that.

From single-part orders to design and application consultations, contact Expert Gasket & Seal to make it happen.