Five Reasons to Choose Expert Gasket & Seal for Your Custom Die Cut Gaskets

When we say that Expert Gasket & Seal is one of the top choices in the nation for custom die cut gaskets, we have the experience and results to back it up. We’ve worked long and hard to put Expert Gasket on the map, and establish ourselves as one of the leading providers of custom gaskets you’re likely to find.

Simply put, you would have a hard time finding the same combination of experience and service anywhere else in America.

Five Reasons to Trust Expert Gasket & Seal

1. True Expertise

We are not newcomers to the custom gasket industry. We have more than fifty years’ experience helping manufacturers large and small find the exact custom die cut gaskets to meet their needs. Further, this isn’t a sideline for us. Our business is custom gaskets. That’s our primary product, and we’re out to do it better than anyone else.

2. Extensive Industry Connections

During our many years in business, we’ve built an extensive network of suppliers and support services to help us help you. We have a vast range of materials and qualified manufacturers to choose from, which in turn ensures you always have plenty of options in choosing the correct gaskets. From Neoprene rubber, to Teflon, to a variety of compressed gasket materials, we are ready to supply the best product for your application.

3. Extensive In-House Service Offerings

Another benefit of our fifty-year history is that we’ve had time to acquire a huge range of equipment and expertise. We can fulfill almost any order in-house, without outsourcing it. This lowers your costs by cutting out middlemen, as well as helping guarantee quality in all products we sell.

4. Rapid Prototyping

Our flagship feature is our ability to manufacture prototypes in record time, thanks to our Flashcut computer-operated system. This system can create Contact us today to learn more!