Expert Gasket & Seal Helps Manufacturers Achieve Zero Leakage Rates with Quality Mechanical Seal Products

Cleveland, OH experts for a comprehensive range of sealing solutions, Expert Gasket & Seal are now empowering manufacturing efficiency with their high quality mechanical seals.  The company supplies  the best-performing mechanical seal products from today’s trusted manufacturers such as Advanced Sealing International.

Modern North American manufacturing companies require dependable performance from their equipment if they are to ensure the safety of their personnel and maintain high level productivity within their operations.  A challenge many manufacturers face at some point in their growth is their current sealing systems are obsolete and do not properly function with the current level of demand in their production facility.  To respond to this challenge, organizations should turn to sealing experts such as the team at Expert Gasket & Seal.

The current Expert Gasket & Seal product line is replete with many of the top-performing mechanical seal systems available on the marketplace.  Among the most proven products available is the style 600 cartridge seal from Advanced Sealing International.  The 600 high motion seal is ideal for larger equipment such as mixers and slurry pumps as it is uniquely designed to withstand the greater radial movement inherent in such applications.  The 600 model features larger springs, which are less prone to clogging than smaller systems and provide superior resistance to mechanical fatigue.  It’s the type of solution on which companies can depend when up-scaling their demand long into the future.

To learn more on the full range of sealing systems now available through Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact one of our sealing experts today.