Expert Gasket & Seal Offers Comprehensive Selection of PTFE Seals

Cleveland, OH based gasket fabricator and seal supplier, Expert Gasket & Seal offers a wide selection of PTFE seals. The company’s selection of PTFE seals, from manufacturers such as Tri-Tec Seals, covers a wide range of rotary and reciprocating motion sealing applications.

For companies involved in industrial applications in which fluids must be effectively sealed in high speed rotary or reciprocating systems, choosing the proper sealing product and design is important to ensure productivity and employee safety. It’s the reason that many are now turning to PTFE seals which offer superior chemical resistance combined with a low coefficient of friction for high speed rotary and reciprocating motion.  To secure access to the ideal dynamic sealing product for their applications, companies must first communicate with custom sealing design specialists. It’s the reason many are now working with Expert Gasket & Seal to secure the latest customized PTFE seals for their organization’s facility.

Another example of the latest solutions within the Expert Gasket catalogue is the Spring Energized Seals manufactured by Texas Precision Polymers, Inc. These products are designed to provide extended durability, seamless compatibility and improved system velocity with minimal friction for both rotary and reciprocating motion applications. Companies can work with Expert Gasket to analyze their current application demands to find the requisite sealing system for their facilities. It’s the leading solution for improved productivity in the long-term.

To learn more about the latest products available through Expert Gasket & Seal, please contact the firm directly.