Expert Gasket & Seal Partners Offers Top Custom Gasket Manufacturer Selections

One of the aspects of our business here at Expert Gasket & Seal that makes us stand out as a custom gasket manufacturer is the wide variety of materials partners we work with. This is what allows us to serve so many different industries – in almost all cases, we can find a material for their seals which gets the job done.  If necessary, we’ll custom-prototype seals until we find the perfect fit for a client’s needs.

This allows us to truly go above and beyond your average custom gasket manufacturer, and it’s the reason that our steady clients come back to us for project after project.  As an example, these are just some of the materials manufacturers we work with:


ASI is one of our go-to suppliers for mechanical seals, such as rotary and cartridge-mounted sealing solutions.  Their specialty is creating sealing solutions for the most challenging applications.


American Biltrite is primarily a rubber manufacturer, one of the most popular sources in the nation for industrial-grade rubber products.  Through them, we stock a wide variety of rubber sheets for our prototyping and custom seal manufacturing.


Chemstar is the top source for braided mechanical packing products.  Their extensive selection of braided packing materials combined with quick delivery help solve customer sealing problems quickly.


As the name suggests, Diversified is our main source for sheets of silicone products of all varieties.  Silicone is another highly popular material for our work creating custom gaskets and parts, and their affordable range of silicone sheets makes it possible.


Fiberflex is one of the few manufacturers left making vegetable fiber sheeting, which is saturated with glue-glycerin for extra strength and reliability.  This product is excellent for applications where “green” solutions are desired!


Kuriyama is well-known globally as a top supplier of rubber, thermoplastics, and metal hoses.  Their vast stock and range of products has often made the difference in fulfilling a customer’s specific needs!


If our clients need PTFE (Teflon) rotary or mechanical sealing solutions, Tri-Tec is our go-to source.  The uniquely low-friction and hydrophobic properties of PTFE make it indispensable in some applications.

Expert Gasket Is the Custom Gasket Manufacturer with The Solutions to Your Sealing Challenges

Between our decades of experience and huge selection of materials, there are few engineering challenges we can’t solve.  Contact us today for a full consultation!