The Advantages of Choosing Expert Gasket & Seal

For many manufacturers, Expect Gasket & Seal is their “secret weapon” when it comes to obtaining the right custom gaskets for their applications.  We may not be one of the best-known names in the business, but for decades we’ve provided businesses across the country with the best in custom gaskets, seals, and other specialty rubber parts.

This reputation has taken a long time to build, but now we are extremely proud of how many long-term customers we have.  There are plenty of reasons they keep coming back to us, for project after project.

Six Reasons to Choose Custom Gasket & Seal for Your Custom Gaskets

1. Excellent Value

Thanks to our many years in business and close ties to some of the biggest materials manufacturers in the industry, we’re able to offer exceptional value on both custom and bulk gasket manufacturer.  This is also due to the wide variety of services we provide in-house.  By avoiding outsourcing and owning our own equipment, we can pass those savings onto our customers.

2. Fast Turnaround Times

We’ve always prided ourselves on being able to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.  Again, this is largely thanks to our in-house capabilites.  Even other gasket manufacturers sometimes come to us to help with difficult applications.

3. Wide Selection of Materials

Finding the right material for each application is one of our top priorities.  We have direct supply deals with many manufacturers, allowing us to offer the correct product to solve your sealing problem.

4. Experts On-Staff

We don’t simply make products based on specs handed off to us.  We have a staff of gasket experts and engineers who love to take on a challenge, or find a custom solution for a problem others cannot solve.  Combined with our deep stock of materials and manufacturing processes, there’s very little we can’t accomplish.

5. Rapid Prototyping

One of our favorite pieces of equipment is our Flashcut die-less cutting system.  It can create finished products within minutes, cutting raw sheets of material straight from a provided .dxf CAD file.

6. Molded Rubber Services

Along with our custom gaskets and seals, our facilities can manufacture just about any custom-molded rubber parts you can imagine.  This is just another way we can help solve engineering challenges which other companies can’t tackle.

Get Top Service and Value from Expert Gasket & Seal

For any job large or small, or even in huge volume, Expert Gasket can be your go-to source. Contact us directly for a full consultation!