Expert Gasket & Seal Presents Three Questions to Ask in Selecting a Custom Gaskets Manufacturer

By integrating custom gaskets within their systems, industrial organizations can ensure their plants are protected against leaks and potential safety problems. Choosing the right gasket for a particular application requires comprehensive knowledge of gasket materials, performance, and safety risks, so it’s imperative that firms select the best available custom gaskets manufacturer for their requirements. In this latest article, the team at Expert Gasket & Seal present three questions to ask when selecting a custom gaskets manufacturer.

1. What is Your Experience in the Industry?

It’s critical that the custom gaskets manufacturer has extensive experience within the marketplace. This experience will have helped the organization and its team learn about the various gasket materials and to refine their products based on data from within the industry. The company should also have experience serving diverse marketplaces within their manufacturing work. This will help ensure that they have the creativity and problem-solving skills required to find the right solution for the client’s project.

2. What Timeframe can we Expect?

Oftentimes, companies that require a gasket product are working within a strict timeframe. They must ensure the manufacturer with whom they are working understands their need for timely service and delivery. The company should be able to provide a firm delivery date for their gasket product. The overall time required to receive the correct product may include several phases. For example, the initial phase could involve building a prototype to determine the optimal design. Once a design is approved, there will be time required to fabricate the gaskets, and ship the final product. By gaining all timing details directly from the manufacturer, companies can ensure the right specialist is chosen for their gasket requirements.

3. What is Your Post Sales Process?

In working with a custom gaskets manufacturer, it’s critical to ensure they offer a comprehensive post sales process. The specialist should be available to determine whether the product is performing to optimal capacity within the application. They should also be able to offer guidance or additional products if the gasket isn’t meeting the expected manufacturing requirements due to new, or previously unknown changes in the sealing process. Wise companies will build a long-term relationship with their gasket supplier, providing access to knowledgeable sealing guidance for the future.

A company’s choice of custom gaskets manufacturer can have a significant impact on their operations in the future. To learn more on the selection process, call the team at Expert Gasket & Seal today at (800) 956-8766 or visit their business website at